The Best Bloody Mary Means Only The Finest Ingredients

September 20th, 2012 | News | 0 Comments

Did you know that there is a website completely devoted to the search for the Best Bloody Mary?  This site even features an interactive map which will show you where other people have determined the best Bloody Marys can be found.  While it can be fun to choose a restaurant based on being able to enjoy your favorite beverage, everyone knows the best Bloody Marys are those you make at home and serve to friends.

But it just goes to show you how much we love our Bloody Marys.  In fact, creating the ultimate Bloody Mary has practically become an art form.  Here is our online page of recipes which will give you an idea of how creative we have become:

When you are trying new recipes for your favorite libations, it is important to remember that the ingredients that you use will have a real effect on how your drinks will taste. Imagine ordering the best cut of Kobe Beef on the menu only to have it served with powdered mashed potatoes.  Why would you not use only the finest ingredients you can find?

Taste of Florida real juice mixers offer premium enjoyment by combining only real fruit and real fruit juices to provide you with the ultimate taste sensation. From Margaritas and Bloody Marys to Triple Sec and Blue Curacao, we have a drink mix that will turn a good time into a great time.

When you are ready to Taste Florida for yourself, contact us, because let’s be honest, real tastes better than fake.