Wholesalers Can Promote a Destin, Florida Brand

January 17th, 2013 | News | 0 Comments

A locally produced product like the Destin, Florida brand, Taste of Florida Mixers, may seem challenging to market for a wholesale distributor. However, there are a number of things that can be done to make a great product better known to your customers.

Utilize media relations to bring the spotlight onto these products that may not have national advertising, but can have a great deal of appeal for the regional consumer. There are a number of ways to do this including:

  • Connect with the local food critic or journalist who regularly covers restaurants and bars in the area. Let them know that you have a regionally produced product that they need to try, and you would love for them to do a story on the brand.
  • Coordinate press releases from your business with national events relating to the industry. Make sure you include your smaller market products to bring them more exposure.
  • Set aside a period of time to promote all of the regional or smaller market products you offer. Display these products as a unit, in an attractive and eye-catching way in areas that customers frequent to get their attention when in your warehouse or facility.
  • Develop a flier describing the products to include in correspondence to alert retailers to the availability of the brands. Include this information on your website and in email communications as well.
  • Use local festivals and community celebrations to your advantage. Retailers stock up for these events, and look for new ways to draw in customers. Market your local brands to coincide with the local celebration, and encourage your customers to do the same to attract patrons to their business to try out the “local” flavor.
  • Social networking sites are here to stay. Using this formidable tool to put a spotlight on your products is also an excellent way to put the focus on brands you want to promote. Facebook and similar networking pages attract local consumers who will be interested in learning more about a brands made in their area.

While non-traditional brands do not get the boost from national marketing programs, it is still possible and profitable for a wholesaler to promote those products. With the recent trend of consumers who want to buy local, real juice mixers like those produced by Taste of Florida will appeal to a wide range of consumers which will encourage retailers to include the brand on their shelves. For more information on our products and how they will appeal to your customers, please contact us .