Un-Cordials for an Unusually Cool Holiday

November 16th, 2012 | News | 0 Comments

Parties, presents, decorations, family and friends; these are the things that make the holiday season so cool. It is the time of year many of us finally have an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and spend quality time with family we may not see throughout the year.

Food and drink are abundantly available and often abundantly enjoyed by many of us during the holidays. Enjoying a drink or two and toasting the good times go hand in hand with the season. NA or non-alcoholic beers have been available for years, but a more recent addition to the NA market are Un-Cordials, a brand of non-alcoholic drinks offered by Taste of Florida and Founder & CEO Doug McWhorter.

A wide variety of flavors to tempt any palate, the Un-Cordials come in Pomegranate, Green Apple, Peach, Triple Sec and Blue Curacao. Made with real fruit juice these cordials are not only tasty but make a wonderful addition to your holiday party menu.

As a host or hostess we take into consideration friends who may not want to overindulge in salty snacks by including a vegetable tray on the buffet. For our family or friends who look for healthy alternatives to cookies and candy we provide a fruit plate. We don’t often think of our guests who while maybe not a tee-totaler, also do not want to overindulge with alcohol and then risk driving themselves home. Toasts at the party can be uncomfortable for teenagers who aren’t legally old enough to drink and even some adults who would appreciate a non-alcoholic alternative.

While we all love having a great time and letting loose, none of us want to drink too much and have the celebration end on a sour note. Un-cordials are the perfect answer to these dilemmas faced when throwing a party for family and friends. You wouldn’t dream of offering just water as a beverage so expand your horizons and the choices for your guests, and contact us about versatile and great-tasting Un-Cordials from Taste of Florida.