Tips For Using Social Media To Sell The Best Bloody Mary

February 21st, 2013 | News | 0 Comments

If your alcohol wholesaling business has been relying on the national level marketing campaigns of the biggest brands you carry to attract customers, the idea of independent advertising may be overwhelming. Using social networking can help you share the news that you are carrying the best Bloody Mary mix from Taste of Florida without adding hours of work to your day.

Age Gating

The Scalable Social Media website warns that FTC laws on alcohol advertising apply to online efforts as well as newspaper ads or radio spots. If you already have a website for your company, you will understand the basic rules that apply to how you can attract new customers. Adding age verification that requests data from your visitors is recommended and doesn’t require a lot of extra effort. Facebook has automatic age restriction settings to help you keep people under 21 from accessing your page.


The FTC regulations also require you to add a warning to each piece of advertising content that says it shouldn’t be viewed by people under the legal drinking age. This can be tricky when you are using Twitter and Facebook, where users can share your content with a click of the button. Social media law expert Glen Gilmore says that adding a disclaimer to your page’s description may cover this requirement, but you should check in with your legal advisor for exact instructions.

Highlight Your Best Products

If you want to convince restaurant and bar owners to invest in a brand they aren’t familiar with, cover the unique benefits of your best products in your tweets or posts. You can contact us for tips on how to describe our luscious mixers with real fruit and vegetable juices in your social networking efforts.