Taste of Florida Melon — Perfect for Summer Refreshment!

May 9th, 2013 | News | 0 Comments

Interested in finding a new summer drink? Look no further than our Real Juice Mixers in a new flavor — Melon!

One of the most famous melon cocktails is the Melon Ball.  It is an eye-catching, fruity, green drink that can be served over ice or as a shooter.  Our delicious, real juice melon mixer gives you many ways to enjoy that sweet melon flavor in a variety of drinks!

Just about any liquor can be added to your melon mixer. Use rum to head in a tropical direction worthy of a beautiful Caribbean beach. Consider tequila if you want a sweet and sour drink to enjoy with your favorite chips and salsa. For a classy twist, vodka brings a clean taste to balance the sweetness of the melon juice.

Wondering what additional flavors mix well with melon? Well, let your creativity and individual tastes be your guide! Most other fruits will pair well with Taste of Florida real juice melon mixer. Berries and peaches are two great examples: in one recipe, add TOF Raspberry in the bottom of a cocktail glass, then add TOF melon mixer, vodka, and ice. Garnish with a fresh raspberry. Or for a twist on a classic summer drink, combine TOF Peach, TOF Melon, rum and unsweet iced tea. Serve in a tall tea glass and enjoy on the patio with friends!

Some citrus flavors might overwhelm the delicate flavor of a melon mixer, but in the right combinations, a splash of citrus can brighten your drink. Consider adding a splash of TOF Lime or TOF Triple Sec to tequila and TOF Melon.  Then, garnish with a wedge of lime or orange.

Taste of Florida is proud to be offering this new item for the summer!   All Taste of Florida product contain real juice or fruit purees.  It’s a committment begun in 1993, when Doug McWhorter, Founder & CEO of Taste of Florida, sat at the kitchen table developing real juice mixers. Since then, the family business has expanded to include more than 20 products distrubted in most markets by Anheuser Busch and Miller wholesalers.

Want to know more about any of our delicious, real juice products? Looking for new recipes? Contact us today for more information.