Spicy Bloody Mary Brunches

November 22nd, 2012 | News | 0 Comments

If you love having a Spicy Bloody Mary for your Sunday brunch tradition, Taste of Florida has a new and delicious way of making sure the tradition stays strong. The savory flavors of a nice roast or fresh-cooked bacon go great with the spice and tomato of a good Bloody Mary. The tang of shrimp cocktails or a good salsa with your breakfast burrito are also great notes to key off of with your family’s traditional drink of choice. The only issue is trying to find the right balance when you make a great Bloody Mary!

Here are a ton of different recipes for Bloody Marys and each one of them has their own twist on the flavor and ingredients. Some add jalapeno, clam juice; I’ve even had one with egg whites! The trouble with this is that not every blend will suit everyone’s palate, and getting all of those crazy ingredients together can be a pain. Then, what happens when you add a little bit too much Worcestershire sauce and the whole glass is ruined? It’s just not worth the hassle.

With Taste of Florida, the only ingredient you need is a bottle of your family’s favorite flavor. We offer several variations: spicy, flavorful mild, in-the-middle medium, clam & tomato and caesar. Each of the bottles tastes as good as the last, but with more or less of a kick than the others. It’s a brand everyone can agree on!

So, if you want to serve perfect Bloody Marys at your next brunch, just pick up a few bottles of Taste of Florida for your table.

Contact us here at Taste of Florida for other great tasting mixers. See you at the next brunch!