Jazz Up a 1920s Themed Party with Taste of Florida Real Juice Mixers

July 31st, 2013 | News | 0 Comments

Nowadays, 1920s speakeasy style parties are the bee’s knees. For proof, one only has to channel surf, check out the latest movies or skim a few bridal magazines. With that said, you may want to consider hosting such an event at your restaurant, bar, banquet hall or home. Just make sure that you have Taste of Florida’s real juice mixers on hand. They’ll help you whip up the best 1920s cocktails around. Here are a few that are truly the cat’s pajamas:

Gin Rickey

No 1920s style shindig worth its clams would be complete without a gin rickey on the menu. Ours is made with Taste of Florida Lime Juice, club soda and gin. We’ve posted the recipe here. Serve it in a Collins glass with a classic lime wedge garnish and place it on top of an Art Deco style cocktail napkin.

South Side

If you want your guests feeling a bit like gangsters and molls, don’t forget to add South Sides to the menu as well. They were often found in the speakeasies too. To make our version of one, you’ll need highball glasses and the following ingredients:

Crush the mint and place it, along with the other ingredients, inside of an ice-filled shaker. Then shake it like you’re hitting on all six cylinders. Afterward, strain it into the highball glass and serve it with a mint leaf garnish.


Another prohibition era cocktail to consider is the gimlet. It’s a simple but tasty classic that’s made with our real lime juice mixer and gin. The time-honored recipe is available on our website. For those that want to break from tradition a bit, we’ve also posted one for a bimini gimlet. It’s made with three of our real juice mixers and gold rum.

Want to discover more 1920s cocktails that may be made with Taste of Florida’s real juice mixers? Contact us by calling 1-850-460-2328 or stopping by the Taste of Florida website. Founder & CEO Doug McWhorter and his crew would love to help by providing additional suggestions.