Fossils or Frosty Libations – Real is Better Than Imitation

February 7th, 2013 | News | 0 Comments

Whether it is a fossilized tooth from a prehistoric shark or the real juice mixers that go into a tasty frozen tropical drink; Real is better than imitation. Both can be found in sunny Venice, Florida at Sharky’s on the Pier. Opened in 1987, by long-time friends and Detroit natives Greg Novack and Mike Pachota, Sharky’s is a landmark restaurant known for great seafood, cool drinks and waterfront dining. Once an old concession stand, the establishment now welcomes tourists and locals with its friendly atmosphere and fresh menu.

The only Tiki bar and restaurant that is beachfront in Venice; Sharky’s was aptly named since Venice is considered the “Sharks Tooth Capital of the World.” The species is millions of years old and has long patrolled the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Since much of Florida was once underwater, teeth and other marine fossils are found both on the sandy beaches and inland. Tides and storms erode the silt away from long buried teeth that come in a range of colors and sizes. Searching for and collecting these ancient remains attracts many visitors to the area.

Located on the pier in Venice, Sharky’s offers gorgeous sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico while patrons enjoy live music and dancing. Fishing right from the pier is a popular activity for residents and visitors alike. An extensive menu features such favorites as Shrimp Bruschetta and Sharky’s Spiced Shrimp Nachos. A variety of entrees run the gamut from sandwiches, island jambalaya, steaks and ever popular seafood selections. Tasty drinks including those made with Taste of Florida real juice mixers are offered up by the friendly staff.

Specials are regularly featured on holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Their colorful online calendar keeps you updated on what the chefs are offering and who is scheduled to play. For apparel, mugs and gift cards Sharky’s also has an online store located on their website. The laid back vibe and gulf view dining will keep you coming back to Sharky’s on the Pier in Venice, Florida. For more information on the juice mixers used at Sharky’s and other great establishments, please contact us.