For superb flavor, real is better than imitation

June 20th, 2013 | News | 0 Comments

Real is better than imitation, that phrase fits just about any product, but when it comes to drink mixers it becomes a mantra. Imitation mixers can’t give you the full flavor experience of real fruit juices. The companies that make the fakes spend more time looking for a cheaper way to mass produce than working on making a really good mixer. Coastal Beverages focuses on quality, because we know, no matter how hard we try, man can’t compete with Mother Nature. She puts her very best into every fruit she grows and Coastal Beverages uses those fruit to create mixers full of flavor.

And what exactly do the imitators put in their mixers? Who knows? As for us, we like to keep it simple.

Talk about flavor. Coastal Beverages has the imitators beat all to pieces when it comes to perfect flavor. Let’s face it, real fruit juices tastes better than imitations. Using real juice mixers helps you unlock the full potential of your drinks. Start mixing with our products and get ready to hear a ton of compliments.

For a full list of all our flavorful mixers and cordials, contact us today and get ready to enjoy your next mixed drink like you’ve never enjoyed it before.