Easy Entertaining with Taste of Florida

December 20th, 2012 | News | 0 Comments

With “staycations” becoming more popular in today’s economic environment, many people are looking for new or recycled ways to entertain at home. The popularity of home bars in the 1950’s coincided with the Cold War era and the creation of cocktails. People were staying close to home for fear of a nuclear attack, but at the same time the economy was good and they wanted to enjoy themselves by getting together with friends. Creating a way to serve drinks in the comfort of your own home became a hot trend. While the decades between the birth of rock & roll and generation X saw a decrease in those practicing mixology at home, there has recently been a resurgence of people creating their own bar space.

The booming home remodeling industry provides endless design options to create the space, but then you have to stock the liquor cabinet. It is no secret that a lot of bars and drinking establishments supply cheaper alcohol for their mixed drinks unless you specifically request a premium brand. For the limited requirements of a home bar, getting the best liquor available will make the finest cocktails while not squeezing the budget. To go along with the finest alcohol you want a superior mixer. Taste of Florida produces mixers that include real fruit and real fruit puree for the best tasting cocktails.

Gone are the days of a simple martini or whiskey on the rocks pleasing the palate of most people. Today both men and women enjoy a variety of tastes in their drinks. When stocking the mixers for your bar make sure you include such flavors as classic Bloody Mary, tropical Pina Colada and even seasonal selections like Cinnamon Apple. Margaritas and Rum Runners are often ordered while out, so make sure you have those flavors available to treat your guests right. Whether you have spent some time with a cocktail shaker in your hand or not, even novices can entertain like a pro. Taste of Florida mixers makes creating drinks easy and delicious from traditional choices to the chic drinks of today. When you are ready to stock that home bar, contact us for more information on the perfect mixers.