Classic Cocktails — Dirty Martini

November 19th, 2013 | News | 0 Comments

As every James Bond fan knows, there is nothing more classic than sauntering up to the bar and placing an order for a Martini “shaken, not stirred.” While the origin of the Dirty Martini is bit murky, like the appearance of the cocktail itself, no one can argue the simple beauty and power of it. Taste of Florida Real Juice Mixers has a Dirty Martini mix that will match the quality of your favorite vodka or gin and impress your guests!

Dirty Martini (Makes 1 serving)

  • 2½ oz. vodka or gin
  • ½ oz. Taste of Florida Dirty Martini
  • Optional splash of dry vermouth

Directions: Combine ice, vodka or gin with Taste of Florida Dirty Martini mix in a shaker. Optionally, add a splash of dry vermouth. Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with blue cheese stuffed green olives.

While the Dirty Martini is a variation on a basic martini, there are further variations on the Dirty Martini. To make an “Extra Dirty Martini,” simply add more Taste of Florida Dirty Martini mix to taste (more than the ½ oz in the recipe above). To make a “Jalapeno Martini,” follow the above recipe but garnish with a pickled jalapeno. For an added kick, add a little jalapeno juice before shaking.

For an interesting twist, consider a “Dirty Martini Dip” inspired by a recipe on take one package (8 oz.) of cream cheese and mix with 2 tbsp (or more to taste) Taste of Florida Dirty Martini and a splash of vodka or gin, with salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with paprika and chopped green olives, and serve with your favorite crackers or pita chips.

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